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Punch holes in walls by dashing through them! Carve up the environment to defeat enemies and navigate the world!

Destroy literally anything (even the game's title)
60 colourful levels
Physics-action gameplay
Fast, bouncy movement
Killer music
Super secret bonus stuff?
Challenge runs with special endings!

Originally made in a week for the Brackeys Jam 2020.1.
The game scored 1st in fun and innovation out of over 700 games!

2020 GOTY - Game Curator

JUSTCAMH - Programming, Art and Design
ClockMaker - Music and Sound

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(100 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Made withKrita, FL Studio, Unity
Tags2D, Destruction, Experimental, Fast-Paced, Minimalist, Physics, Singleplayer, Speedrun, Stealth
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Discord, Soundtrack


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Hole Punch WINx64 v0.7.zip 34 MB
Hole Punch WINx86 v0.7.zip 31 MB
Hole Punch LINUX v0.7.zip 50 MB
Hole Punch MAC v0.7.app.zip 43 MB

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This is a fun game! Satisfying mechanic, deceptively simple. Just wait until you get to the mine shaft though…

Super fun game! Reminds me a lot of older web games, but I think the core mechanic is a lot more interesting than theirs were.

I really like this game! The music, effects - it's all perfect. But i think the bullets don't fit into the style of the game.


This was such a fun game with an amazing mechanic. Really reminds me of playing flash games back in the day

I will be playing this live tomorrow 12/15 around 7-730 PM EST =)

this was the first game i ever played on itch.io.Its still as fun as i remember.

this game is insanely fun

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I am now the true gamer . And I did triple jump.

Beat the game and got to the bonus level where it said "they just let anyone design these rooms huh?" before stopping.

Good game, great concept. Very appreciative of the Linux build!

In my opinion though, it overstays its welcome a bit, and a lot of the levels felt same-y.

The game has a bit of a sporadic difficulty from where I'm coming from. It generally increases as the game goes on, and carefully placed decreases in difficulty can provide some relief from the action, but I feel like it fluctuates a bit too much (not counting the bonus levels, just the main game). The big setpiece level with the big rectangle with gears is a huge spike in difficulty and definitely should've been closer to the end than it ended up being.

The game is also noticeably glitchy. I get that this is the nature of physics-based games, but definitely something to look into.

Something I liked about the game was the degrees of freedom. Each level had a planned solution, but most offered room for more wacky solutions. This decreased the closer it got to the end, and I'd definitely look into maintaining that freedom, while also having a steady difficulty progression (not easy, I know).

You seem to have plans to make this a priced Steam game, if I'm reading between the lines correctly. This implies that there will be more levels and content overall. You might already be doing this, but I'd add some new objects and hazards to spice things up and reduce the monotony present in the demo. Perhaps a block that, when punched, spews shrapnel parallel to the angle that it was punched at, or one use items that rocket you really far when punched, (perhaps even boss fights?!?!?!?! Maybe not that, but a guy can dream...) stuff like that.

This may sound critical (and it is), but I only say all of this because I really enjoyed what I played, and want to see an eventual priced release be as good as can be. The game currently sits in my Steam wishlists and I look forward to the full release.

I lose the punch ability for some reason


Love this

stuck on the floor is lava level, anyone have tips?

On the level prior there's a note you mighta missed. Hold left click holds you on the position allowing you to fly.

Thanks, knowing that makes it a lot easier, amazing game btw

I found a glitch and I don't know how I did it's your classic go in to object but this one was even weirder because I went up I guess it's because I was under a ledge and it didn't even break

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hell yea you did, congrats!


-One of the best games on itch!
-Great mechanics.

I would pay for it (on steam).

Keep developing!

18/10 猸愶笍 

the fact that the game has a copy / ripp of says that it has to be good 

(Sry for my en)

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dude i know mr slice on cool math was a clone of your game and i really enjoyed that game or your game i guess but i understand that the game is free so if it is possible could you upload it to a website where i could play it on a browser or if it already is can i get a link thank you      p.s. i plan to donate here in the future if i can finally actually play the game

Hey, sorry but I have no intentions of making a web version, at least not in the near future. I can promise you the download is safe, or if you're concerned, try the itch.io app, which is safer + easier to install. 



HOOOLE-y heck, thanks for playing mate, and for the video! Love the thumbnail!

Really great game! I loved it!

I have never seen anything like that! Unique idea and amazing execution!

Deleted 2 years ago

Sorry but why the hell are you posting this here? "Mr Slice" is a clone, why would you then post about it on the page of the original game?? 

Like to be clear, Mr Slice outright stole from me. 

Why are you posting this here? Delete the damn comment and play the original game instead of the trashy clone. 


Mr.slice is the real game.

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Not sure what you're getting at mate, but Mr Slice is a clone, meaning it took my mechanics, art and levels and uploaded it to coolmath taking the profit. This game (Hole Punch) is the original one, developed by me, then stolen by cool math games. So no, mr slice is not the original, and honestly it's a pretty terrible clone anyways. 


Well, i never saw a clone which is better made than the original game...

That must be a miracle of sorts, isn't it?

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

I believe you are misunderstanding... hole punch is not the same as mr slice, and hole punch is free, you鈥檝e just gotta download it (you can skip the donation thing). These are not the same games, it鈥檚 more like mr slice has been copying from my test paper. 

I don鈥檛 mean to bicker with you, and I鈥檓 sorry if this comes off as petty. I invite you to try hole punch and come to your own conclusion.


hey i found a copy of this game on cool math games



hahahaha that's such a terrible clone! Omfg they even straight copied levels! Thanks for letting me know


Loved the gameplay, art, music, everything! Good job!

Thanks Moises, I鈥檓 very glad you liked it! It鈥檒l be coming to steam later, consider wishlisting it!

ugh i cant download 32 bit version with  itch io desktop pc.

I could swear this used to be a browser game. is that true?

Nope, it's unfortunately not available on browser because some of the graphical stuff doesn't work there.

huh. maybe i did install it, but im like 90% sure i didnt


i absolutely love this game! im so happy ur making it a real game and putting it on steam! i just keep coming back to play! way to go!


I liked the game really much, it's really fun, game design is really good, art, it's like a perfectly baked pizza in an italian restaurant! Everything is perfect, even the little detail in the pause menu, when hovering over buttons, there's a cut line, so when the button is clicked, the button gets sliced, man I love that! Really cool game, I would play it again. :)

Keep It up!


really liked your game!! art style, level design and puzzles were amazing. Got stuck on the most difficult sniper level. I streamed my first impressions at

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Ah shoot ya missed some tutorial text on the previous level! You could hold click to hover in place, which helps with weaving through the snipers. Thanks for playing and streaming it!


Ayyyy nice run! I鈥檓 really glad you enjoyed and ran the game!


The game was really fun such a cool mechanic the music was really nice and worked well with the game. The only issue was some platforms i expected would be able to break wouldn't. I found the secret level with the snipers but couldn't get through luckily you can skip it. A really good game.

No flooor gang, rise up!

or rise down since theres no floor

I did it again

ayyy nicely done! That鈥檚 seriously really tough to achieve, congrats! 



Absolutely fantastic game!!
Enjoyed a game after a long time
Thank you so much


Great Game Love IT! 
honestly you've taken the concept of platformers and taken  it to a new level. 

How do you download an older version of the game? The level "The floor is lava" is too hard.

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I'm really sorry bout this, I'll fix it in the next update. You can get the previous version of the game here. This stuff can be hard to get right...

EDIT: removed the link since you can now skip levels, plus they're better balanced now!

Thank you! I never expected a reply. I also didn't think that that was a new level of the game when I played it before, so I was confused. 

This game looks awesome and I've been wanting to play it for a long time, but sadly the mac version doesn't work for me. I hope you can find a way to fix it. (And I hope I'm not just doing something stupid while trying to open it and there's nothing to fix)


Hey, the Mac build has worked for some people, can I suggest using the itch app? That should launch the game without issues (if there鈥檚 still problems let me know what error you鈥檙e getting)

what is the reward you get for beating the secret level


im getting really depressed spending 2 days trying to beat it just to get basically nothing

Haha, it truly unlocks nothing at the moment! Further down the line it'll unlock bonus levels, but they're mostly there for people looking for a proper challenge. 

oh lol

I have literally no idea how to beat the "the vault is empty" level.

wait nvm i'm blind


Your video is ready and available on YouTube.

I remind, that your game can go to the next stage, and get a full review with analysis, so don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

Thank you fine sir! I hope you enjoyed =)


I enjoyed working my way through this game on my livestream. It got cut off on YouTube and Facebook but the whole run is on my IGTV - https://www.instagram.com/tv/CGxaQf4Jqls/ 

Great game and great music!

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