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Punch holes in walls by dashing through them! Carve up the environment to defeat enemies and navigate the world!

Destroy literally anything (even the game's title)
20 colourful levels
Physics-action gameplay
Fast, bouncy movement
Killer music

Originally made in a week for the Brackeys Jam 2020.1.

The game scored 1st in fun and innovation out of over 700 games!

JUSTCAMH - Programming, Art and Design
ClockMaker - Music and Sound

Get the soundtrack!

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Hole Punch WINx64 v1.2.zip 30 MB
Hole Punch WINx86 v1.2.zip 27 MB
Hole Punch LINUX v1.2.zip 33 MB
Hole Punch MAC v1.2.app.zip 30 MB

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hey it doesnt work on my mac becuase it says its damaged or incomplete do you have a solution for this ?

I’ve got some potential fixes, would you be able to contact me on Discord so we can try some things? 

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I thought this game was lots of fun so i did a youtube video on it.

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The video comes out at 1pm GMT!!

Awesome, thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!

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I'm so crappy in modifiying game files but this games is so fricking amazing but so short (sad :( sad) so I wanted to modify things like range and enemies and stuff to spice up the game (and I really hope that there will be people doing mods and custom levels for this game YEAH) and I can have more fun (especially if there's a level editor in-game and that would be so cool YEAH) and I really wanna do that but I don't know how and which software to use and what to do for that and I would really really like to know please thanks a lot and and and aahhhhhhh 


Hey, I’m glad you enjoyed! I have no experience with modding either so I can’t make any recommendations other than googling it (the game runs in Unity, you’ll want tools for modding unity games). I don’t have any plans to make a level editor, the levels are a bit too complex. But I am certainly working on making more levels and mechanics, stay tuned! 



I use unity, I have no expierence in modding, but if you wanted mods the first step would be making it open source (you probally know that though) I love your game though!


Maybe this is the best game of game jams that i played


Awesome game so far! The cutting mechanic feels great and intuitive. The indications about how far you can dash were very helpful. The music was engaging and fits well. Sounds were good. I didn't get a chance to play this before the snipers were added, but I can already tell they were a nice touch to the game to add variety. I did have one glitch where I ended up in the floor on one level, but it was still totally fun. One small suggestion would be to make the guard's vision cones a different color than the color you light up the area, so you can always clearly see their field of view. The levels were fun and inspired very creative movements. Nice work! Cant wait to see how this game develops and how you tie in a larger story.


Thanks for the feedback! Great to hear that you liked it!


This is brilliant. 


Thank you, I’ll be sure to keep working on it!


WOW this is amazing! One of the best Jam games I've played in a while :O


Wow that was really awesome! I made it to "This place is practically made out of gems". How did you guys make this cutting effect? Is it just a mesh?

Hey, thanks for playing! The mesh is rendered using Unity’s Sprite Shape, and then the cutting mechanic manipulates the points, adding some and removing others to clear out the hole.


Fun game, a good amount of destruction, really liked it. More punching missions please. :) 


Thanks a heap for playing! The guards aren’t meant to be easy, so as to force you to play around with the environment a bit =)

It was a good challenge, and motivating, I continued playing after recording & took all the guards down in a run. :)