Update 4 - The stuff in between

Hoo boy, we got a big update here with 25 new levels! That's the biggest update yet, and almost doubles the number of levels!?

  • New and improved physics allows for things to roll, slide and move side to side. 
  • A stylish new death animation.
  • And of course, 25 new levels including;
    • An encounter with pirates
    • The critically acclaimed 'the floor is lava' series
    • A level that juggles
    • A landslide that brutally crushes everyone... sad.
    • and more! I'd hate to spoil it, jump on in and play the thing!

Aaand that's the update! There wasn't as many 'new features' this time, I instead found new and exciting ways to use existing mechanics. Despite the lack of new mechanics, it's jam packed with extra content!

Announcement time

Big news; this is the second last public demo for Hole Punch. The final public demo will be released on the 1st of January, 2021, and after that, we'll be doing a closed beta on our discord server. It's free for anyone to join the beta, you just need to join the discord server!

So then; why are we moving to a closed beta? 

Because the game is getting closer to release! Chapter 1 of 3 will be fully complete by the end of this year, then the final two chapters will be for discord members only before we release the game formally. We can't have all the chapters in the public demo, otherwise what would be the point in buying the full game? 

So then, join the Discord server to snag those sweet beta privileges! DO IT!

And finally, sorry that I missed the last two months' updates. I've been very busy with other things, but am back in the swing of it now!


Hole Punch WINx64 v1.5.zip 32 MB
Dec 01, 2020
Hole Punch WINx86 v1.5.zip 29 MB
Dec 01, 2020
Hole Punch LINUX v1.5.zip 36 MB
Dec 01, 2020
Hole Punch MAC v1.5.app.zip 33 MB
Dec 01, 2020

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