Update 6 - Rewrite

Hello hello, out of no-where, comes this weird little update. This version is an almost complete rewrite of the Hole Punch code. For the most part, things should be about the same, but this is a public update to help find bugs with the new system.

Some small changes:

  • Big performance boost. Let me know if you're still having performance issues.
  • You dash slower, but go much faster when cutting through something. 
  • One level deleted and replaced with a new 1000x cooler level. Some other small level tweaks
  • Harder to get pushed into the floor by falling things, though still not impossible =(
  • You can now jump out of a dash, which can make for some cool, matrix-style dodges.
  • Fixed the bug where cutting something could cause the floor to disappear. FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY!!!

So why the update? The Hole Punch code was made over a year ago in less than a week. It was not good code, and could not be extended to do the cool things I wanted it to do. Now it can do cool things. Hooray, futureproof.

If you have any issues (and particularly if something worked before, but not now), please comment below!


Hole Punch WINx64 v0.7.zip 34 MB
Aug 14, 2021
Hole Punch WINx86 v0.7.zip 31 MB
Aug 14, 2021
Hole Punch LINUX v0.7.zip 50 MB
Aug 14, 2021
Hole Punch MAC v0.7.app.zip 43 MB
Aug 14, 2021

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A Surprise for sure, but a welcome one.