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what is the reward you get for beating the secret level


im getting really depressed spending 2 days trying to beat it just to get basically nothing

Haha, it truly unlocks nothing at the moment! Further down the line it'll unlock bonus levels, but they're mostly there for people looking for a proper challenge. 

oh lol

I have literally no idea how to beat the "the vault is empty" level.

wait nvm i'm blind


Your video is ready and available on YouTube.

I remind, that your game can go to the next stage, and get a full review with analysis, so don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

Thank you fine sir! I hope you enjoyed =)


I enjoyed working my way through this game on my livestream. It got cut off on YouTube and Facebook but the whole run is on my IGTV - 

Great game and great music!


Dude, this was so fun!!! The only thing i was wanting was better sound effects.

I played your game in my recent youtube video.

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback oriented video! You've given me a few things to improve, particularly regarding tutorialisation of cut depth. One question; was the game anti-aliased for you? It's looking a bit jagged in the vid, but maybe that's just youtube... So thank you again for the feedback, I'll try to address a few of those things in the next update.

Amazing game. Had a lot of fun playing it. Love the inovative ideas and the retro vibes.

Hey, thanks for playing! I haven't been able to test the game in widescreen, so this is very useful! 

Hey! I found this game out through your recommendation on my last vod. and I just wanted to say that this is a frustrating but fun game! I had a lot of fun especially whenever I crushed someone's head on the game. unfortunately, I did not finish the whole game cause I was so pissed lol. anyway, fun fun game! 

p.s game starts at 00:16


huh, I’m sorry that you got stuck... on the elevator level you just stay on the elevator and that takes you to victory. Sorry that wasn’t clear. But I’m glad you enjoyed the first bit! 

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Hey! Amazing game! I passed it for 7:19.89. When full release?

Full release is probably still a year away. Thanks for playing, and for submitting to, even if it didn't work out. Awesome to hear that you enjoyed running it!

I think sub 6 is doable :) I'll send you video in Discord when i do it

This was so much fun! I'm not very good at it but it is so well done!

Wow, thanks so much for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed (enough to record it twice!) 

It seems that a lot of people are stumbling into the secret areas and getting stuck, I'll clear that up next update. 


I really love your little game! The controls a tight, the movement is smooth, the music is awesome and the visuals have a unique style that I really dig! 


The mechanics of the game are pretty legendary the game seems to be original, not a ripoff copy of another game. I am more than glad to rate this game 5-stars

Hey there, 

I played your game and it was legendary!. The graphics were smooth and polished. The sound effects were great. the mechanics of the game was kind of original, the colors were awesome. I just loved it. here are some suggestions (u can do whichever one you like or all of them)

Consider making the snipers a little more inaccurate because whenever i tried to get past them they would just kill me in a second.

also make a bit more storyline like chapters for each thing or maybe a plain campaign mode with a bit more things like elevators, then if u like u can make some sort of another mode which you have to do other things as well, make the levels a bit more engaging

also consider putting this in steam as it would gain in popularity because its a very amazing masterpiece. 

(in the elevator part, i got stuck in one part so pls improve that)

(also i coudnt complete the game as i didnt have enough time but i really loved the game and will continue playing it once i get time again)


hope you enjoy the video and dont forget to subscribe in both of my channels to get information/notification of whats getting uploaded in my channel.

have fun :D

Hey, thanks so much for playing! Sorry bout the confusion with the secret area, I’ll make that clearer. The snipers are intentionally instant kill, the sniper line of sight is guaranteed instant death. Sorry you couldn’t complete it in time, though you were very close to the end! 


I'm so good at this game

You... You’re too powerful!


This is legit one of my favorite games ever, but I have also a few suggestions on how to improve it.

1: Make more unique levels with unusual mechanics like the elevator thing. If you want to split the game into some sort of chapters, just add one level like that to every one of them, and this will be enough (at least for me). It would be cool to have those levels at the end of the chapter (kinda like bossfights), because they will be surely the most spicy ones, and probably the hardest. Elevator thing was definitely the hardest stage of the game.

2: Fix the elevator level. I have experienced some weird weird bugs when you fall off the platform, instead of just dying you get trapped in a really weird spot. You can easily get out, but it wuld be way mor realistic if you would just get squashed and crushed by the elevator. Also when you find a way to drop a gem out of the screen, the game just triggers the next wave of enemies, and I don't think that's supposed to happen.

3: In a few stages enemies look almost the same dead and alive, and this is kinda confusing. I'm pretty sure this is way more problematic for colorblind people, so maybe you could add some sort of colorblind mode.

4: When you get hit by a pistol or the machine gun the game just freezes for a couple of frames. I'm not sure if this is the intended behaviour, but it  doesn't feel so smooth as the rest of the game, and just looks kinda bad, especially since there is not such effect when you get hit by a sniper.

5: Never give up, and finish this masterpiece even if that would take years of work. It's definitely worth it.


Hey, thanks for the huge comment!
1. More levels are coming and I'm focusing on levels like the elevator one. I completely agree that the elevator level is awesome, and I've got a few interesting things in the works (that are turning out to be harder to make then expected, but they'll be ready eventually!)
2. Kill zones on the elevator is probably a good call, though the gem thing is actually intentional. I think it feels better to just keep the game moving, rather than force a restart when a gem is lost.
3. A colourblind mode is another good idea, it could perhaps use a consistent, high contrast colour scheme.
4. That anim is a bit of a relic from the jam release, though it was intentional to make it clear what hit you (things fly by so quickly, I didn't want it to seem like you died out of nowhere). It could be a lot more snappy tho, I'll work on it. 
5. Finishing this game is my goal, tho 'masterpiece' is a bit of a strong word. 
I've got an update coming in a few days, I'll see if I can address some of these things before then (tho I don't have much time, no promises). Thanks again for your feedback and support!

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Added a kill zone in the elevator level and smoothed out the death anim. I also made the enemies weapons disappear when they die, which makes it a lot clearer. Thanks for the suggestions, I might add some more of your ideas later when I have time =) 

Hi. I recorded your game on the video. It is a very polished and nicely done game. If I were you, I would make a bigger version with more abilities and more maps. After, I would publish it on steam for some money. I saw a lot of such or fewer quality games on steam that are very successful. If you want to delete the video, let me know. However, I still hope you like the video, and if you like such content, please subscribe.

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Hey thanks so much for the vid! I am aiming for a full steam release, so I appreciate the feedback. 

p.s. don't delete the vid, it's great!

Thank you. I am looking forward to playing its full steam release.

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great game, but i managed to unlock this door before collecting the gems

I've been able to replicate it to

after i do the glitch and try to go through the door, nothing happens and i don't warp to the next level.

So what did you do to activate this glitch? I can’t fix it if I don’t know how to reproduce it!

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I just bashed myself into top of the door multiple times, and then It just unlocked.

here's the video:

sry for the lag


Wow, weird... I’ll get on that. Is the game actually lagging or is that just the capture?

Deleted 2 years ago
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its just the capture.

also, i just found another one.

the ground literally just disappeared when i try to cut through something.

just in case its only a problem with my OS, I'm using Debian Linux

Yeah, I've seen that one, no clue what causes it tho. 1/1000 odds perhaps? Thanks for reporting all of this, the video provided above will be very helpful!

I did some digging, and it turns out these two bugs are actually the same thing! I knew the floor could sometimes disappear, but your discovery of the door disappearing gave me a lightbulb moment, and now the bug is fixed. Thank you so much, I woulda never slammed into the door enough to find this!

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This was such a fun game, wish it had more spikes and more levels! Thanks for supporting Linux <3


fukin hell this is good

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i love the game it's the best


Absolutely love this game and am going to follow and hope to see so much more on this game! Loved every minute of it =D

Hey, thanks for playing! That one elevator level took over a week to make, so I’m glad you enjoyed it!


i dont know that will the creator reply b or even notice this comment but i will advice him , this game is a BOMB , !!! , i advice , u should work in this game , and even public this on android , i m , telling you this game will kill the competition , make another 50 levels , add more mechanics , 36 levels are good but i got addicted from this , if you can , add multiplayer speed run to this , make a lobby of 4 player and make them run through this , PS - the gem mine is awesome , if u read this do reply and tell me have you completed this or are you expanding this


Hey, yes I am still working on it! I haven't got plans for anything multiplayer, but levels and new mechanics are in the works. There should be another update in 1-2 months (development's slow cos I'm kinda busy)


no problem JUSTCAMH , but aree you planning for android because it can have great effect , by the way the multiplayer thing was a suggestion


I agree that a mobile version would be cool! I’ll focus on a pc release for the moment, then we might get an android version later.


np , bro , im just sayin ...this game is a killer .....just dont stop workin ...i have tried unity and i know howmuch effort it takes , just dont stop


Seriously, this game was so much fun. When I first saw your game I really wasn't sure if I am gonna like it but it delivered on two fronts. Fun and sillyness while also giving a bit of a challenge and interesting design. You always had to think a little before you do anything. I even made a video If you're curious you can check it out here.


I had an enormous amount of fun playing this, thanks JUSTCAMH!


Awesome, I'm glad you enjoyed! Looks like I still need to round out some of the learning stuff at the beginning. I'm also working on new mechanics to hopefully get this to a full length game. Thanks for playing!


Congrats on making such a unique combination of physics and "wormholes" (like the one our physical money is being printed through into the "free" market)! 

You have vision + talent, thanks for making games like these!

People would pay $$$ for fun & uniquely addictive mechanics on the mobile store, so please consider that! There are millions of copy-paste ideas, and the ones which are truly amazing, like HolePunch, could earn $$$ because they stand out in awesomeness and deliver in fun/second ;)

Cheers to all developers!


This is sooooo addictive!

Can you send me the source code?

Hi Ibrahim, the source code will not be going public, sorry bout that.

Not moving


I have many men...

Oh my gosh, your editing is comedy GOLD. I love it! I've never seen an enemy die by tripping, and that one blind guy early on was so funny (tho I should probably fix those things). One question; it sounded like the music was glitching in the background, was there some audio bugs? 


This game is a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the mechanic of cutting or punching a hole through the terrain to complete levels. I also really liked the simplicity of the style. Only things I wish was that there were more levels and a settings menu to adjust volume. 


Thanks a heap for the video and for the feedback! The last few days I've been working on these suggestions; the next update will have a settings menu and new levels. More levels coming soon!


That's awesome! I'm looking forward to playing the update. :)

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you so much for the feedback! I've been working on performance, and the next update will run smoothly with up to ten enemies, which is exciting for future levels!


Hey!! I really love your game and I am really interseted in the slicing mechanic of your game. I was wondering if you had a github page or something for me to look at for inspiration.

I’m afraid not, the game won’t be going open source. If it’s the slice that you’re interested in, this asset looks decent (tho I haven’t tried it myself)

Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it!


Hey i played your game for my channel!

Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed! Your content is super funny, keep it up!

thank you!

hey it doesnt work on my mac becuase it says its damaged or incomplete do you have a solution for this ?

Deleted 2 years ago
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You could try this solution

If that doesn't work, it may be a security issue (Mac isn't very trusting of non-appstore-apps), you could try this other solution. I promise there's nothing dangerous in the game!

Let me know if either of those work =)

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I thought this game was lots of fun so i did a youtube video on it.

Like and subscribe

The video comes out at 1pm GMT!!

Awesome, thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!

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I'm so crappy in modifiying game files but this games is so fricking amazing but so short (sad :( sad) so I wanted to modify things like range and enemies and stuff to spice up the game (and I really hope that there will be people doing mods and custom levels for this game YEAH) and I can have more fun (especially if there's a level editor in-game and that would be so cool YEAH) and I really wanna do that but I don't know how and which software to use and what to do for that and I would really really like to know please thanks a lot and and and aahhhhhhh 


Hey, I’m glad you enjoyed! I have no experience with modding either so I can’t make any recommendations other than googling it (the game runs in Unity, you’ll want tools for modding unity games). I don’t have any plans to make a level editor, the levels are a bit too complex. But I am certainly working on making more levels and mechanics, stay tuned! 



I use unity, I have no expierence in modding, but if you wanted mods the first step would be making it open source (you probally know that though) I love your game though!


Maybe this is the best game of game jams that i played


Awesome game so far! The cutting mechanic feels great and intuitive. The indications about how far you can dash were very helpful. The music was engaging and fits well. Sounds were good. I didn't get a chance to play this before the snipers were added, but I can already tell they were a nice touch to the game to add variety. I did have one glitch where I ended up in the floor on one level, but it was still totally fun. One small suggestion would be to make the guard's vision cones a different color than the color you light up the area, so you can always clearly see their field of view. The levels were fun and inspired very creative movements. Nice work! Cant wait to see how this game develops and how you tie in a larger story.


Thanks for the feedback! Great to hear that you liked it!


This is brilliant. 


Thank you, I’ll be sure to keep working on it!


WOW this is amazing! One of the best Jam games I've played in a while :O


Wow that was really awesome! I made it to "This place is practically made out of gems". How did you guys make this cutting effect? Is it just a mesh?

Hey, thanks for playing! The mesh is rendered using Unity’s Sprite Shape, and then the cutting mechanic manipulates the points, adding some and removing others to clear out the hole.


Fun game, a good amount of destruction, really liked it. More punching missions please. :) 


Thanks a heap for playing! The guards aren’t meant to be easy, so as to force you to play around with the environment a bit =)

It was a good challenge, and motivating, I continued playing after recording & took all the guards down in a run. :)

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