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Love the animations, art and sound design!



I played your game here. Would be interested in the full version if it ever comes to fruition!


The game will randomly freeze, which is annoying.


There were some bugs so I coudn't finish the game but I really loved it ! Very fascinating and replayable !

"you can have you life back, if you can win the game."
you can usually saw this type of plots in an anime or movies but I did not expect I would get to play one. It is really interesting because you don't really know what is the right answer for a specific question. so sometimes you will doubt your own answer or find a different answer and for me that is the exciting part, you are risking it without knowing what the consequences will be. just like gambling. Very nice game! :)

p.s game starts at 12:41

Heyyy thanks for playing! Super proud moment to be on the thumbnail, even when there’s three other awesome games in the vid! Sorry that the actual story segment is so short, but for the moment, development is on hold. If you’re looking for other games to try, may I recommend my other game, Hole Punch?

I know you put this on hold but I most certainly plead for you to continue working on it. I had a blast

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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed! I don't know when or if this will be resumed, as I'm currently focusing on a different game.

Is this complete?

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Not yet, sorry to keep you waiting! I’d expect it to be another few weeks from completion, sorry bout that. There’s currently 14k words and counting.

Ok, it's time to be honest with you; making this wasn't sustainable. I've made a devlog about it above, but to summarise, the game is on hiatus.

Aw man, that's a shame.