A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You're dead. 
But let's skip all that drama and get to the point.
Let's make a gamble... for your life.

The gamble is simple, you just need to make choices without any context.
Then, once your fate is decided, we'll put those decisions to the test.

  - The Dealer of Death 



Content warning: Contains mild cursing, references to violence and death. 

The game is incomplete, and not all dialogue paths are ready. Many have been locked off. Consider this version a demo (on hiatus).

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JUSTCAMH - Art, Programming and Story
ClockMaker - Music
DuhnB (website)- Sound Effects

Listen to the killer soundtrack.

Game made from scratch in 48 hours for the GMTK2020 jam.


Dead Deal WINx64 v0.1.zip 40 MB
Dead Deal WINx86 v0.1.zip 37 MB
Dead Deal MAC v0.1.app.zip 40 MB

Development log


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Is this complete?

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Not yet, sorry to keep you waiting! I’d expect it to be another few weeks from completion, sorry bout that. There’s currently 14k words and counting.

Ok, it's time to be honest with you; making this wasn't sustainable. I've made a devlog about it above, but to summarise, the game is on hiatus.

Aw man, that's a shame.