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Nice game!

I noticed there is no fullscreen toggle (at least on Linux).

The concept is interesting, esp. how dynamites are dangerous and helpful at the same time.

I think the difficulty peak in the second phase is a bit too much, I would have liked some level to get familiar with the horizontal throw first. Eventually I could never make the big horizontal jump from the top-right, although it seems possible with a very precise timing. Instead, I just waited for the dynamites to align themselves so I could do a double explosion jump and directly reach the higher platform.

But it’s not something I could repro 100% as I don’t really remember how I manage to align dynamites vertically by throwing them horizontally, so I didn’t feel too satisfied about it… but finding shortcuts was still pleasant overall, and certainly the way to go for speedruns!

If you want to speedrun there is a page at

Interesting, I checked the first two but they didn’t use the shortcut on the first level with horizontal throw… I suppose it’s less reliable before of its chaotic nature.

I didn't know there was a shortcut on the first level, can you send a link showing it.

Ow, it’s the first level of the 2nd part (with horizontal throw) so it may take me so time to get back to it… Basically you jump on the middle platform and use the dynamite explosion to burst jump directly to the ledge connected to the last area at the top, cutting the part where you go on the top-right platform. But then you need to jump again to burst jump again and reach the top, and I couldn’t do this properly (so I’m not sure if it’s feasible but it looked like it was).


I have an amazing theory: the main character did the wrong spell. that would explain their distress and the concerning amount of dynamite. 

Is there a way to turn down the volume?


Not anything built into the game, tho you could set this tab’s volume if in browser


It's now on

Awesome! Thanks for creating a leaderboard, I'm excited to see the times people come up with!


Help, I Cast the Wrong Spell! Walkthrough

Great concept man loved it

Nice game


Nice game! I love the mechanics. Only 93 deaths :)

Such a creative and unique game! Def seems like a trend for you. I wish I had this amount of creativity.




It's really fun game.

I like the comical story setup.

Good game.

Thank you so much for playing, this was very fun to watch!


This was loads of fun and a very creative take on the traditional platformer. Great job!

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Amazing game as always ;-). You absolutely got me with the "ending" :-P

Thanks for the support moises, glad you liked the game!


Delightful little surprise of a game!  I got to the end of the second sequence and it locked up after the cutscene...  I'll have to check out a Let's Play sometime to see the ending.


Hey, glad you enjoyed it! The crash ending is intentional, it was meant to be an explosion so big that the game closes, but whoops... web builds can't close and just freeze instead. 


This is a masterpiece of a jam.

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a good game that outstays its welcome just a bit, with such clever idea of leaving TNT as you walk and a another great idea of shooting TNT infront of you it kinda makes it disappointing when the next big challenge is just spikes. the same spikes in countless other platformers. still, one of only a few games i gave a 5/5 on


Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed! I really wanted the player to use the dynamite like a pogo to hop continuously over a large distance, and the only way that could be achieved was with the unbreakable kill zones. Hence why it was only in a few levels and mainly used for hot pogo action.

i figured as much. nice to see you read your comments, sign of a great creator, which you are. best of luck in future projects