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Winner of Metroidvania Month 6 - Community and Judge Choice

Venture out of your home for the first time, as part of your new job as the village gatherer.  Explore exotic locations, from the scenic Hanging Forests, to the decayed Work Zone, and more. Be wary though, many travellers have lost their way in these wilds, led astray by the creatures of darkness.

A controller / gamepad is recommended

Jump:  Space / 
Attack:  X
Map:  Tab
Pause: Esc

Controls can be changed from settings.

The team:

JUSTCAMH - Art, Game Design and Code
ClockMaker - Music and Sound Effects

Get the game's awesome soundtrack!

Indefinite Hiatus

This game isn't being developed further, sorry. You can still play the demo, which is available below. tis' a shame, though it's important to move on to newer and better projects. 

Game originally made in a month  for Metroidvania Month 6.
Font: Cat Pentagram by Noé


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Verest WINx64 v1.2.1.zip 54 MB
Verest WINx86 v1.2.1.zip 52 MB
Verest LINUX v1.2.1.zip 55 MB
Verest MAC v1.2.zip 54 MB

Development log


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very good game,but the boss is a little difficult to fight


Replayed this again, still piseed that the dude alwys abandons these amazing projects!

These games are amazin, why won't you continue developing them?!?

this is.. a masterpiece. 


Indefinite Hiatus

This game isn't being developed further, sorry. You can still play the demo, which is available below. tis' a shame, though it's important to move on to newer and better projects."
Oh yeah, forgot that it's this guy with all the great but unfinished projects that he always jsut decides to not finish anymore.
cause he's a prick

excelent game


This game isn't being developed further, sorry. You can still play the demo, which is available below. tis' a shame, though it's important to move on to newer and better projects."


RIP Good game

Nice to see what your early games were like given what you've gone on to accomplish. Cool twist with the character going full dark side.


I really liked the story of the game, it hit me hard when i was trying to get back but the barrier was blocking me and the phrases and lines suddenly appeared near the barrier.... was kinda making me emotional really but yeah this game is still unfinished due to the red bars leading to the "end" of the game or am i just missing something? i guess i turned into one of those spirits and can never go back. GOOD GAME


so looking forward to the full version! :O


Loved it! Controls, atmosphere and music are excellent. The morph ability is very versatile. I like how the fire before the boss is already lit so you don't have to choose.

Some suggestions:

  • The way the spear attack moves you forward isn't really useful and often gets you killed. One thing to try might be to always apply knockback on a successful hit to either the enemy (if it's small) or you (if it's large) so that you don't end up overlapping it.
  • Enemies being the same colour as their environment can make them hard to see, though it sometimes made me slow down and observe carefully, which could be good.
  • Might be good to start combining enemy types in the same room before the boss.

Hey dude, thanks so much for the support! 

I think I'll keep the spear moving you forwards, but I'll make some changes to make it less frustrating. I quite like your solution of large objects knocking you back but not hurting when attacking, I'll try that one out. The little caterpillars are intentionally hard to see, but I understand how that would seem unfair. And finally, the boss is set for a major overhaul, the fight's pretty slow, frustrating, and worst of all, doesn't really engage with the main mechanic (morph). 

So thanks again for playing, and for the kind tip (that's a first for me, so pretty exciting!) 

that boss sure reminds of the kagewani from the anime.
was that intentional? :-)

made it to the boss beneath the village, fighting him forever but I am starting to diubt I am doing any real damage there :-/

nevermind, made it. too bad that the demo is over at this point. so looking forward to the full game.

I am having the issue that the second "weapon" you get at some point just stops shooting forever.
I mean, I can still press x , it uses energy bars one after another, but no thingie shot.

after dying and thereby restarting at the checkpoint, it works against.
until a couple of times firing and going to other rooms, it totally stops again


hehe, that second weapon is buggy as all hell, and totally rushed out of the gate to be ready for jam release. That definitely needs a lot more work. I’m also completely reworking the boss, cos imo, it’s pretty stale. It’ll have new attacks and even a new form, so with extra phases it’ll be obvious that you’re dealing damage. Sorry bout being locked out, that’ll be sorted in the final game. Also no, I hadn’t heard of a Kagewani, but they look a lot cooler than the boss I’ve made =P

is jsut a cool anime in general :-D

really nice game so far, just got the first "upgrade" so I can no longer enter the town.
gonna hve to go the way around I guess...


I'm stuck at the "boss" far in the map, last "unlock" I can make in this version is to beat the boss, I can't win, it's too hard and I'm just stuck, I have nothing else to do but it's fun, I'm loving the challenge about having to learn the patterns of a ton of possibilities, I'm really thankful for this game (I'm playing in a linux distro in a live usb and have no other way of playing), I will recommend it to anyone, even the unfinished version, the mechanics, the movements and even the hitboxes, it's too well aligned to a game made in such short amount of time and, I'll cheat engine it until new versions are released, but I'm really happy for I have the oportunity to play this game. I really wish I could support the developer but for now I cant, but when possible I'll donate, even if not for this game, if I can have other games with same quality I'll be really happy


Wow dude, thanks for the feedback! I am a bit confused though, did you manage to beat the boss, or not? The boss is the final milestone of the current version, and there isn't much locked behind it. It sounds like this first boss is a tad hard though, so I'll work on the difficulty for future builds. It's also pretty funny to hear that people are using cheat engine on my games, it actually feels like an achievement to have made something worth hacking. Thanks for so much for your support!

I've tried to beat the boss without the stone, and since I've started again and received the "3 stones in one" I fought him once, and I was forced to reset because with the stone I entered spirit form and when the boss hitbox colided with me I was teleported to the forest to the right of the village inside dirt, I was able to move but not to change rooms, I'll probably play it 50 times before  cheat engine it, so If this bug is always on or if I find any other bug I'll let you know. I also love the fact that you put like 2 firestones and 4 fireplaces (or somethong like that) so I need to choose carefully which spawns I create, but the "keep inventory after death" is perfect, I feel the urge to explore more and more because exploration and risks are rewarded, but I wouldn't mind if in future versions this feature is removed, I feel like there is no punishment besides walking and revisiting places and for now this seems to be one of few games that uses this "no punishment" in a positive way withouth the feeling of cheating, Im really impressed and now I'm even more motivated to create my own game (even if takes years to come to an enjoyable level, I'm still learning how to use Godot) 

Those stones shouldn't be doing anything at all, their usage hasn't been implemented yet =p

It is however very alarming that the boss is teleporting you to the village... I have no damn clue how that could be happening, if you could give me more info about that, I would be very thankful. Is this a once off thing? Has this happened anywhere else? Did it happen on your previous run (the stone won't be affecting it). Did this glitch happen every time that the boss hit you, or just one, very peculiar time? Did the game teleport you instantly, or were you flung there by some overwhelming force that sent you flying through the level geometry? What was going on with the morph? It sounds like you were forced to morph, but that shouldn't be happening...

I've fought this boss 10~15 times in my first play, but with 4 energy bars collected, no glitch, I'll play it again and check if it's a "5 energy stones" glitch, and I was tp before the entrance, but I was below ground collision box and it counted as defeating the boss, I've received the congrats(with my little knowledge of coding) perhaps the bug is that if one overlaps the other theres a bug, but I'll test again in the same conditions (before talking to the first villager illusion (I've never made until the second illusion because I had to shut down the pc at the only moment I reached 2nd illusion chat) 

Deleted 4 years ago

Great Game! Very fun. Can't wait til it is fully fleshed out

Deleted 363 days ago

Thank you so much for playing my dude! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. 

The game will eventually loop back round to that area you got locked off from, but if you're really eager, you can reset the save data with ctrl+shift+P. The first thing I'd like to develop is some form of title screen, so hopefully resetting / having multiple saves won't be as janky in the future. It's also great to hear that the story had the desired effect, and I'm excited to expand upon it in future versions. 

Thanks for the awesome comment, it really made my day <3

that plot twist cam really unexpected, I totally agree :-)