A downloadable 1D Game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Puzzle your way through only one dimension. Solve some colour shenanigans, navigate the limited space and bend the dimension using mirrors. That may sound crazy, but it makes for some interesting problems. Solve 14 stages, then get one of two endings. The game explores trust, blindness and the importance of grey area, but for all of that, you'll need to see both endings ;p

*Game should work with joystick controls and B to reset, but not tested. Keyboard controls: WASD and Arrows. The game must be run at an aspect ratio of 16:9.*

Game made for the GMTK 2019 Jam, in just 48 hours. The theme was 'only one', wherein the game uses only one dimension, with each level on one screen. The music was made by Devast8, and everything else by JUSTCAMH.


Tunnel View WIN v1.0.0.zip 40 MB
Tunnel View MAC v1.0.0.app.zip 42 MB
Tunnel View LINUX v1.0.0.zip 44 MB


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Enjoyed what I got through but I also was stuck. Spinning it all kinds of ways and still couldn't get past the part with the gray part. Curious to see how it gets done. Creative!

Okey dokes, better indicators will be coming next patch. Also, you can go up and over the grey area, that level is just trying to teach that you can't step on grey.

It's interesting that you can spin the level around with the arrow keys, changing the level. Though, I couldn't get past the level after this is introduced (with the grey bit in the middle and blue on the otherside).

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Thank you, I’ve got some ideas to improve this level. Hint: You can move over the top.