Note, use Esc / B to open achievements menu.

Enter a detailed little pixel art world, where you complete quests for a cast of eccentric characters, all of whom need saving from a monsterous inferno. Awesome pixel art, groovy tunes and great atmosphere all packed into the first demo level. Save Robert Hicks, his family and his numerous pets, most of whom are trapped in their estate's burning greenhouse.

All you have is your trusty hose, wits and infinitely stretchy arms. Then when you finally think you've done everything, there's also some neat achievements to collect =)

It's a demo (that's not getting completed)

The game is ultimately story based, however with only the one available level, most of that story can't be viewed yet. So the game was made in less than two weeks for the June/July Jackpot Jam. As it stands, there isn't actually any win or lose conditions, but you can still collect the achievements, save people and do whatever else your heart desires. 


All the art and coding is my own work. Huge shoutouts to my music guy, Devast8, who made the slick soundtrack. You should totally check out his stuff, he's made lots of great music. 

I also used a handful of sound effects downloaded from Most of these sounds were edited to match the game feel. The artists responsible for those sounds (in no particular order) are pcaeldriesSeanSecret, meisterjaan, FreqMan and Dynamicell.

If you enjoyed, then why not follow the creator?

That's JUSTCAMH, he's made a heap of other games, and there's more to come. You should also follow the music guy, Devast8, he doesn't wanna admit it, but he makes awesome game music.


Fire Call WIN 73 MB
Fire Call MAC 91 MB
Fire Call LINUX 77 MB


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Hey, I enjoyed your artwork! I didn't get very far. Not sure if I missed the section with the controls but seemed I needed to use a controller (hints bottom of screen) but the pause menu button and the spray water button were both bound to the same key so every time I tried to spray water or  retract arm by the tree it would pause the game.

(1 edit)

Hey, so a controller isn't necessary, the game is supposed to detect if you have a controller plugged in, and recommend different controls if you do. Was there a controller plugged in, or is this feature bugged? The pause and spray being same button is super curious, and I'll get back to you on that one. Thanks for playing, and sorry for the issues!

I did have a controller plugged in so I guess that makes sense. How do you detect in Unity that a player has a controller plugged in? I've seen some games switch between suggestions based on the last used input.

Input.GetJoystickNames().Length > 0 will return true if there is a joystick present, and hence a controller plugged in