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Ebontale is a non-suspicious rpg, about your journey to the legendary Piamont City.
There, you will find the most powerful relics in all the land, that will allow you to perform magic beyond your wildest comprehension! 

You may also experience a sense of freedom, as your boring modern life fades away into the background. 

A game by JUSTCAMH 
with music by Clockmaker

Get the game's soundtrack!

Made for Ludum Dare 47


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Ebontale WINx64 v1.0.2.zip 33 MB
Ebontale WINx32 v1.0.2.zip 30 MB
Ebontale LINUX 1.0.2.zip 37 MB
Ebontale MAC v1.0.2.app.zip 33 MB


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very interesting game, i love the fight with the final boss 


this was so cool! I got freaked out during the first boss battle upon entering Piamont City, but then the next few ended up being pretty easy and self-explanatory. Really liked the concept! :P


Awesome entry. Good execution on the concept, and well done making Ebontale quite detailed.

That said, I just want to go to Piamont, man :'(

gg wp

Ok that’s cool, but how do we get to Piamont city though?


Did you try beating the goblin king? If not, you can use your scuba gear to dive through Rocky Reef and resurface in the city. You can also use your extra party members to get a vip ticket into the pub, and enter the city from there. And finally, if you put a box on your head, you can stealth your way in. 

With all these options you should make it into the city with ease.

Dude... Uncool.

Hated the ending. Any chance to get a better version w more content (wink wink)?

(1 edit)

Damn, was the omega dragon fight not enough of an ending? I wanted to let the player ride the dragon, maybe I should’ve ended it there... 

Argh endings are so hard to nail!!


That was really good! I didn't ended up submitting a game in LD but your game was very similar to one of my idea with a much better execution!


Ooooh, Interesting. Haven't played it yet (key word, yet), but the game seem really cool