Explore vibrant sky-based worlds in Color Collector, an infinite runner where the colors of the world can be made into useful items. 

How To Play

Game operates primarily on mouse input. Left mouse click to use left item, Right mouse click to use right item. You can click on the top left icon to open crafting, or press space. Once a new item has been crafted, use the scroll wheel to swap between items.

Note: This game was made under a tight schedule, and unfortunately, not everything is crisp. There are known bugs. These are fortunately not game breaking though, so you should still get some fun from it ;)


Color Collector Windows v1.0.zip 17 MB
Color Collector MacOS v1.0.app.zip 22 MB
Color Collector Linux v1.0.zip 23 MB


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This competes with "Flip" to be my favorite your game. 51 minutes played. My record: 1427 meters

Few notes:

1) Scroll works "smoothly" which is bad at the game where switching between "Pixelate" and "Sword" has to be close to immediate. Even better would be just to assign sword and gun to some keys on the keyboard.

2) Sometimes after going through the whole area the character falls into the abyss not reaching the next area

3) Two enemies ahead almost certainly means death (because of note #1), but even with that fixed, I think it's a good idea either to give player some invincibility period or to make enemy die on collision (or both).

As with "Flip" I would really like to see more completed/refined version of this game.

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Wow! Thanks for the feedback! I'm impressed that in your 51 minutes played you didn't find either of the 2 'biggest' known bugs in the game, but I'll consider it a blessing (these bugs kinda ruin the experience). I really should update these games, and I'll make sure to put extra time into them in the future. If an update does come, these problems will definitely be fixed!

Also, did you find the boss? I've never actually gotten far enough to see it, so I'm not even sure it works. There wasn't any time to consider the balancing of when the boss spawned, so I just made it appear (really) late into the game. 

"Also, did you find the boss?", - no.

The game currently has a big luck factor involved: how much into the game enemies start to appear. The run I had with 1427 was just a lucky one where enemies appeared relatively late. So it's not only the boss.

Okay, expected as much. This would be another thing to fix in the event of an update.