Every time you blink, you teleport somewhere new. Can you take control of this curse, and find loopholes to use it in your favour? An open world puzzle where you learn the rules as you play.

Game made by JUSTCAMH, with music by Clockmaker. Made in 3 days for Ludum Dare 51

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I have all the peices i just dont know how to end the game

Some hints to help:

SpoilerAre you sure you've got the whole crown, including the base of it? Look for the hell forge. If you have that, check the qr code in 3:F

Very cool mechanics, I love it :D

HoW dO yOu ScAn A qR cOdE oN a CoMpUtEr WiThOuT a PhOnE

Can you take a screenshot? There are some online tools meant to get links from images


No, I meant dump the screenshot into an online QR code interpreter.

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i dont think i have a screenshot interpreter

and how do i get it



22 minutes first try. no tutorials. so fun

so creative, as always. I can’t say it’s the most fun game I’ve played of yours, but I appreciate it as an experimental piece of art 

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WHY would u have to put eveyrthing in QR, it was pain in the ass trying to read them. Also, you didn't even tell me i could double jump. Nice game tho. 


i beat it in 12:40:31 without scanning anything and not watching any videos. did i do well? I may have commented here before but i do say the game mechanics are very fun and creative as you learn along the way. I expect more games like these from you JUSTCAMH!


you beat it in 12 hours? well done man, that's gotta be the world record


bro the last two are milliseconds dummy (if your not being sarcastic)


u beat it in 12 milliseconds? cuz thats definitly world record


12 minutes 40 seconds 31 milliseconds holy jesus i hope you guys are kidding me rn


probably are


I loved this mechanic and the adventure (pain) of figuring out what the qr codes meant! 

not bad, still pissed off about soulclad being abandoned though :-/


It seems like a cool game but the qr code was just to much in my opinion. My phone wouldnt register them quick enough and it would take time away from me playing the game.


After just under 40min I beat the game. This was so fun and different, keep up the good work!


If i sum it up for most of the people who played this: the QR code is a cool idea but it sucks
honestly i think that too as when i try to scan it with any app it shuts down and restarts my phone like what and then it turns purple maybe its cuz its on another screen not paper Idk

fixed it but still qr code kinda janky

i like the lore though


The gameplay mechanic of closing your eyes to blindly find the next water part was pretty clever. But the QR scanning  was too gimmick-y, why not have normal hint text-boxes? imho that was just a needless barrier to be able to play the game


Super cool little game, thank you for make! Juggling QR codes is a bit fiddly I think, so in a game with more time I think I would prefer an alien script to decipher (maybe it auto-deciphers upon finding rosetta stone landmarks). That's just about the only criticism I got though. Super enjoyed it otherwise!


We need more games that innovate like this!! Amazing stuff, It took me like 40 mins to complete but I loved trying to get ahold of what room I was in and trying to link it to other rooms.  You really nailed the feeling of mystery and kept me wanting more and more info about this world. SUPER cool stuff can't wait to see more from you JUSTCAMH!

On the second screen, I tried to use an ad-infested free QR scanner I already had on my Android, and I had so much trouble getting it to work that I blinked and then the QR wasn't on screen anymore. Idk if that's intentional but it happened twice.

Then I teleported or fell into the water in screen 2D and now I can't get out by blinking or platforming, blinking didn't do anything and I apparently can't jump high/far enough.

Maybe I'll try again, the blinking is a cool mechanic, but it seems like there are bugs and the QR gimmick makes things very difficult. I guess you were trying to make the mechanical difficulty and time delay of using my phone part of the difficulty/frustration of the blinking, and I'm not sure I vibe with that in practice.

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OK, after restarting I was able to make a little progress and better determine some of the mechanics. Seems like I got stuck because of a level design error or inconsistency in the movement code rather than a bug with a mechanic.

However, I'm now stuck in -1:B and frustrated because I can't tell what happens when I try to make the last jump in the middle, whether it's actually impossible due to movement issues or whether I just need to adjust something.

I'm playing in Firefox Linux (snap) on a laptop which runs Kubuntu 22.04.1 with a Core i5 CPU and integrated graphics. Just in case that's helpful for any reason regarding my possible inability to jump high enough.


Oh my god.

I have a double jump.

Disregard my blathering I suppose.

I spent 5 minutes on that room for the same reason lol

Cool idea I guess, but I'm not about to go scanning random QR codes, regardless if it's just a game or not. QR codes can contain malicious code and links so without knowing exactly what it will do it just isn't worth it to me, sorry.


The qr codes are all text, not links. I see why you're worried, but it's like you're worried that "this .pdf file might have a virus on it"

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PDF files can literally carry viruses. Seems like you don't know much about Internet security. Maybe educate yourself on the topics you wish to discuss before commenting on them. PDFs are a rich text format which can execute macros, javascript, embeded executables, ect. and infect machines. There are several types of ransomware which exploit that fact. Regardless, QR codes themselves are an exploitable format and there is absolutely no reason this game or any other "needs" to use them other than to track player statistics and information and besides the potential malware vector I have no interest in being part of unnecessary data collection.

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I can personally assure you the QR codes in the game are all raw text (no links), and are perfectly safe. If you’re concerned, there is a gameplay video commented below with the QR codes scanned. Or you can of course not play =)


Most QR scanners will automatically show you the text, and it's actually extraordinarily difficult to get executables such as viruses to run off of only QR codes. Take this video, for example. To run something as simple as Snake, you need an enormous QR code that's nearly impossible to scan.

Great little thinky game, I enjoyed figuring out the mechanics. Would've liked a slightly more dramatic ending. Scanning QR codes was slightly tedious but no biggy.

I think this mechanic has potential, I'd pay for a full game with more "sub-mechanics" to figure out.

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I am stuck and have no idea what to do.

Edit: This game is clever

Really creative and fun game! Love using QR codes as braille, and learning all the aspects of the blink mechanic was a treat. Thanks for making this!


I edited together a playthrough, complete with the QR code messages on screen, for those that just *couldn't*.

Absolutely brilliant. Its fun and intriguing. I really liked the central mechanic and the QR code lore was compelling.


Oh my god, this took me half an hour to realize I could double-jump, and then I realized that I wasted 30 minutes senselessly jumping without knowing where I was and not knowing I could double-jump to get where I wanted. But it's a fun game and challenging.

Yeah the same thing happened to me lol, luckily I realized after like 10 min or so

Does the game have multiple endings?  I assume not because of the time constraints, but the world-building made me really think there might be an alternative resolution. Particularly the room with the Fools.

This game uses the 10 second in a very interesting and fun way. Moving from one area to another just by blinking is only a fascinating way to traverse but also a way to show the player where the pieces of the crown might be. The QR codes are also a very interesting piece of tutorial and lore to the game. I tried my best but in the video I didnt manage to capture the QR code at the castle although I should have gotten it. Really fun to play and speedrun.

Great game 

Really enjoyed this game!! I'm glad to see puzzle platformers are still getting innovative designs, really enjoyable experience. Loved the QR codes and world building.

Still wondering if i found all the secrets lmao

This has quite the original puzzle mechanic! And you got a lot of leverage out of it. I found a handful of the platform-oriented rooms a bit annoying―it's one thing to fail at a test of reflexes, and another to fail because you can't see anything―but the room design in general was really clever.

I loved the scraps of lore, and the QR code element gave a cool delay to the information you gain that made it feel like it had more weight once you "decoded" it. One gimmick would have been enough, so I love that there are two and that they work so well together. Although I can see why other players found it annoying, particularly if you don't time things well enough for a screenshot before the code gets whisked away.

I'm not sure I really understood the ending, but that means I'll be thinking about it for a while longer and that's not at all a bad thing. Brilliant submission! 


Good grief, that was brilliant! I'll admit I couldn't quite finish it myself, but I found a speedrun(!!) of it here — https://www.youtube.com/watch?20WrxC_QMQOfM (I made sure not to let it preview cuz it might be a spoiler) — that showed me the rest.

Brilliant use of QR codes, of learning how to play and to complete the game, and with such a magnificent use of the "every 10 seconds" theme. Plus I loved that you could just blink anytime to also just reset the timer, as a lot of the games I've played thus far don't allow you to choose to reset whenever you want.

I'm definitely a big fan :D

- ✨Beth


Great game! 

To anyone looking for an easy way to scan QR codes (for some reason my camera app had a lot of trouble scanning these), on Windows you can use Win+Shift+S to copy it to your clipboard, then just paste it here:


Amazing game!


how do i get to the last shard??? the one is 3-G???

To get there, you'll need to go from a room with a name starting with 3:<something>. Not spoiling the exact room, but blink around and you'll find a place you haven't beaten yet!

thanks for replying so quick! i found it, and beat the game (finally lol). super cool concept, and as pretty much everyone else has said, the qr codes are super original! the whole thing: the art, the music, the mechanics and the codes make for a game that really stands out from the rest. severely underrated. thanks again for the tip!


I had a great time with this! The concept was well executed. I thought the idea of being randomly teleported to anywhere in an open world would get annoying quickly, but it works really well! The use of QR Codes was interesting! The lore that was built throughout the game was pretty intriguing. Some details are just vague enough to leave it to the player’s imagination, which is a nice touch. Gameplay wise, the progression of figuring out the mechanics and how to use them felt great as well. Overall, I loved the experience! Great work!


Thanks so much for playing! I just wish apple’s camera app wasn’t so bad at scanning QR codes… But you did great solving all those puzzles!


Very original and innovative idea, and I loved how it gradually became clear what you needed to do without any specific instructions.  I liked the exploration aspect and the extra details here and there which gave the environment more flavor.  Getting the last thorn and reaching the forge were pretty frustrating though.  Maybe you could add more audio feedback to make up for the lack of tactile information.

I'm not sure I understood the point of the QR codes as opposed to just having text in the game world.  I ended up using Firefox's screenshot functionality along with the zbarimg command-line tool to decode the text, which felt like an unnecessary hassle.


Amazing, i finish in one hour



That was really good!


Any speedsters out there?


I have tried but I have yet to get under 3 min. That's a crazy time!

Sub 3 minutes!


I enjoyed playing! I wonder if this world's inhabitants know about Sticky Keys.

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That was really fun! Awesome job :D the QR mechanic was strange at first but I think it worked really well for giving a wordless environment while still conveying textual story

Small bug. It looks like you can softlock the game by running from 0-A to 1-A, and then running back to 0-A


Thanks, fixed that transition!

Can I get a gentle nudge in how to find the forge/mountains? I've gone just about everywhere I can think of, and I'm not even sure if I've even been to the mountains lol.

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Look for a hell area you haven't entered, with similar particles at the entrance to the one you're familiar with.

Wow how did I never go down there, I only ever went over to the side room lmao. Thank you!

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i don't get it - i've only found one area that ends where you fall a few times? can't find the forge. I've seen 2G but i have no way to get there? 5 mins later....omg nvm haha

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