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wow, I would trust you with a ham sandwich to somehow make it an incredible game. So inventive and fun. 

It's a short, but fun game with a good charm. It had a pretty low performance on my end, causing sometimes dying from lava while standing on a floating block, but that might be just the way of Unity. 
There was only this situation where the block got stuck in the wall, and I couldn't push it out again.
I tried to undo, but that didn't worked after getting the Diamond that made me longer.

Damn sorry bout these problems... It feels like everyone is finding their own unique way to unintentionally softlock themselves.

I found a bug where a block clipped into a wall and I couldn't progress/

oh dang, sorry about that! Sorry it didn’t work, and have a merry Christmas!


That was simply impressive. Everything about it was amazing - cute story and dialogue, great puzzles, unique graphics, nice soundtrack. The steps necessary to collect the last powerup was simply incredible. Amazing job.

Is there a way to resize the screen? So part of the level is beyond my screen limits.

If you're on windows, you can right click on your desktop then select Display Settings. From there, you can change your computer's resolution to 1920x1080 or 1280x720, then the game will work. 

Sorry that this is a bit hacky, but I hope it helps! You can switch your computer's resolution back later. I'll make a proper in-game fix for this later when I have time. 

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Fun game! :) I really enjoyed it!